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“Our main priority is the patients’ best interest, health and well-being and we aim to provide the best care available, as patient care is second to none!”

We strive to exceed our clients' expectations on all levels while transferring our knowledge and enthusiasm for our industry to the local Stanthorpe area by being active community members.

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Pets are increasingly becoming more of a "family member" than "just a pet" and that's something that has become more obvious to us over the last few years - we KNOW more about our pets, therefor we DO more for them. They mean more to us now than they ever have in the past and that means if something ever happens to them, we're finding that owners are wanting more and more to do everything they can to help them - but can they always afford it? The sad truth is, because so many of these things happen when we least expect it (and we NEVER expect it!), cost does have more weight in decision making when it comes to pet's treatments than we would like to think about. 

Accidents and Illnesses are not planned parts of owning pets - but we all know they happen, in fact most of you reading this would probably be able to think of at least one incident where you furry family member has done something they shouldn't have or has fallen ill - it's happened to all of us - so why don't we plan more? We plan these things for our cars, even if we are brilliant drivers - we still get insurance "just in case". We plan these things for our homes, getting home and contents insurance "just in case" - so WHY don't we plan it for one of our family members...? 

It could be that it's "too much to think about" the day you heard about pet insurance - or "an extra cost that we just can't afford at the moment" and those are reasonable explanations but when that accident or illness DOES happen, those that have pet insurance can breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Getting pet insurance EARLY - before any preexisting conditions are present - can mean life-long security for your pet, which we have personally seen save some clients thousands of dollars in the ongoing management of their pet's conditions.

Like all insurance - private health, car, home - you need to do your homework and find out what will be best for you and what policies and companies can offer you what you want.

Talk to us immediately about signing them up for 4 WEEKS FREE INSURANCE with a provider we are familiar with, the 4 weeks covers Accident, InjuryAND illness and is obligation free - it exists to provide protection for your pet while you do your homework and decide which policy you will continue with, if at all, and at the end of the 4 weeks, its automatically cancelled.

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A note from stanthorpe vet care:

Please, if you are purchasing (or being given) a puppy, ensure it is micro chipped prior to purchase. For further information call the clinic on 074681 1523.